Mouse Rat

Above is the Preliminary album cover that i was required to make. The brief that I was given was: 

Your final task should you choose to accept is to design a CD cover for a new rock band. Again you will be taking photos of classmates to use on your cover. Think about how you want to dress your band and think about their image. Your band details are as follows:

Band: Mouse Rat
Genre: Rock
Album: Snake Juice

5000 Candles in the wind (Li’l Sebastian)
The Pit
Ann Song
Down With Eagleton
Menace Ball
Scare Crow Boat
Punch Face Champion
Nothing rhymes with orange
Snake Juice

In order to meet this brief I conducted some research into other rock covers. I investigated Fallout Boys front covers, and found that there was a trend in background pictures with text that pops. I made sure I had similar in my cover. 

In terms of colour, I wanted to create a colour scheme that matched the photographs and still maintained the feel of a rock front cover. I used an off cream colour with a blending overlay of an image of golden rain. 

In order to create the font, I took a still of a Online font, and ran it through a refine edge filter, reducing the point and increasing the feather value. This gave the faded effect on the "Mouse Rat".

I wanted to give the album a feel of a heavier style of rock

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