Casting Revised

I've always been clear that the best laid plans tend to go horribly wrong and normally come very close to ruining a project. This was the case this time. Through no fault of either party, within a week, i'd lost both my male and female lead. With the male lead, this happened twice. The last time on the night before the shoot.


Meet Gideon and Emma. New casting for the LemonBright Music Video.

 Costume Choices for Emma:

Despite the time issues that we had, the costume choices were still made in a deliberate way. There was actually quite a large amount of options to choose for Emma, who just seems to have an endless amount of clothing. I wanted her to fit in the woods, and not seem to stand out too much, but still have a sense of style around her character. The coat was chosen on that account, this introduced her character in a way that is what i wanted. The Snood around her neck is red, which indicates passion but at the same time danger. The film is set and filmed in winter, so practically we had to make some costume choices that reflected that with the jumper.

Costume Choices for Gideon:

The coat was chosen in Contrast to that of Emma's. Not to indicate Death, but to show that he is in a place that could be dangerous. However, similar to the effect that is shown in Star Wars: The Return of the Jedi, there is a white underlay to the outfit, which shows he is a positive character.

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