Panic! At the Disco: Genre Research and Music Video Analysis

This is a performance concept music video to the song "This is Gospel". This is a specific version of the video, with the song broken down and performed on the Piano. While this video is conceptual in nature, as is seen in the dropping of liquid and objects onto Brenden Urie while he performs, the video still manages to preserve the feeling that Urie truly is performing this. This a balance that I need to achieve if I choose a performance based video. It's important that the audience believes that the song is being performed regardless of the conceptual nature of the video, there must be some element of lip syncing.

In order to establish an idea of the conventions for the video's in this genre, I'm going to do a shot by shot analysis of the following video.

I've established several concepts from this analysis. Firstly, one can repeat shots in a performance piece. With this Music video, the repeatition of shots as done in a way that it looped with the lyrics. This leads me to me second point from the analysis, one should link the conceptual parts of the video to specific parts of the music. Always audio react videos to sound.

In order to continue this genre research, i'll be analysing further video's alongside other forms of media including CD covers and posters.

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