Target Audience

My target audience is aged between 17-25. Old enough to of established there own music taste and allowing themselves to stray from the charts. They use music streaming software such as Spotify or to discover new music and prefer to listen to new music rather than the same songs over and over. I am not aiming specifically at a male or female market, but attempting to reach both with a reliable narrative and music choice. Music artists that my target audience may like are General Ghost, KYE KYE, and others that I've already done research into for this theme.

Whilst I assume that the majority of the audience will be English speaking, given the prominence of the UK music charts in Europe, its safe conjecture to predict that there will be foreign interest. Using analytics from my Youtube Channel, you can see the range of countries that access video content.

- United Kingdom
- United States
- Germany
- Norway
- France
- Netherlands
- Chile
- Switzerland
- Sweden
- Israel
- Turkey
- Australia

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