Concept - PreProduction Work

This post will establish the concept and story behind my Music Video. 

Concept: A man chases his love through the memories of his past in order to reach her.  Beginning in a loft to symbolize the forgotten memories, the main character finds an empty photo frame. Upon touching said frame and he is transported to another setting. Here he finds multiple different photo frames, these frames contain moving images of the world around him. The forest that he is in is dark and he picks up a lantern in order to see in-front of him, there is light from the frames. In one of the frames he see a women passes through. He rushes towards the frame, it lights and he finds himself in a different part of the woods. Once again surrounded by frames, but this time the world is lit by bulb lights strung from the tree's. It clearly a nicer environment. He see's the women and give chase, Her dress is flowing as she runs, they chase each other around the frames for a while. They move away from the frames he is disorientated. After loosing her, he finds another set of frames, lodged up a tree, he climbs the tree and into the frame. Our character is then transported to a higher location looking down on the forest. Awaiting him is the women. They embrace and overlook the forest, the frame is alight behind them and the video ends. 

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