Things I need


Male Lead- Ashley Hall/Scott Howard.

Ash Hall
Scott Howard

These are the two people that I know will be available for filming at the times that I will be. They are also both over the age of 18  and therefore I will not need consent to use them within the film. Both are around the correct age for the video and fit the character profile.

Female Lead- Naomi Graves
A drama student from my sixth form, Naomi is also available for filming. I felt that using a drama student would increase the quality of the production, specifically as she I required to play an abstract role. Naomi has previously starred in C'est la Vie, our prelim task that can be found on a previous blog post.

One of the larger Photoframes
1.       Chest
2.       Photoframes
3.       Bulbs

I’ve got hold of all three of these.


Equiptment List-

-          Canon 5D Mark II
-          Various Lenses
o   50mm F2
o   70-200mm F2.8
o   85mm T1.5/f.1.4
-          GlideCam HD 100
-          GlideTrack
-          Manfrotto Tripod
-          64GB CF Memory Card
Magic Lantern 5D Firmware

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